Uniting the community Bringing Incheon to the world Thanks to our efforts to promote regional economic development, Incheon is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent cities in Northeast Asia, as well as one of the est cities in which to live.

Incheon has been trading with foreign countries since the Three Kingdoms Period, and was the first city in Korea to accept Western culture in 1883. Throughout its history, Incheon has been at the center of Korea’s modernization. Today, more than 2.7 million people live in its 10 districts, called ‘gus’ and ‘guns,’ as well as on the more than 150 beautiful islands of Ganghwa-gun and Ongjin-gun.

Incheon is now one of the three major cities of Korea.

Incheon is about to make a fresh start

  • Welfare City
  • Cultural City
  • Environmental City
  • International City
  • Knowledge Based City